Tuesday, November 19, 2013

when in Nepal, WholesaleNepal WSN Group

Wholesale for wholesalers
the truth, and ONLY the truth - Kathmandu based for well over a decade, the WSN Wholesalenepal Group is the leading supplier-wholesaler-exporter of highest quality products notably garments, fashionable ladies clothing and fine handicrafts from Nepal and Tibet.  The Group is renowned for its reliability and trustworthiness and works with international buyers, merchants and other wholesalers world wide.
WholesaleNepal Pvt Ltd is the parent company, registered in Kathmandu.  Created in 2001, the member sites in the group offer lowest competitive prices and the lowest shipping rates by air or sea out of Kathmandu, to the rest of the world. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nepal Clothing Wholesale

Wholesale for wholesalers

Nepal Clothing Wholesale  

Part of the WSN WholesaleNepal Group and based in Kathmandu, Nepal since creation in 2001, we are main suppliers - wholesalers - exporters of high quality clothing and specialize in ladies clothing, latest fashions and other garments and accessories.

In addition to cotton items such as hoodies, we supply dresses, tops, jackets, pants and much more.

We are leading exporters of cashmere pashmina items such as sweaters, shawls, scarves, mufflers, gloves, hats, ponchos and also do blankets in various sizes.

We do WOOL items including very fashionable scarves, sweaters, hats and other items. on request, we supply knitted items and if you do not find the exact product or products in the links information we're happy to send you, we will customize any product you are interested in by way of a special order. To proceed along those lines please be sure to specify your preference for mens or ladies clothing, size preferences and quantity of each? As for color selection, we would highly recommend you utilize Nepal Color Chart and receive free samples of the type of material you will specify, whether it is cashmere, cotton, wool or some other material.

You can receive your free color chart by visiting www.nepalcolorchart.com    
If you have a special design you want us to execute, please email it to us at the following address info@wholesalenepal.com, and please be sure to provide with a complete list of all your requirements  in terms of model, sizes, colors etc. 

Please note that we are wholesalers and only work with other wholesalers, merchants and other professional buyers. We are not engaged in the Retail Trade.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

nepal clothing wholesale

Wholesale for wholesalers
Nepal clothing wholesale in Kathmandu, Nepal or visit www.nepalclothingwholesale.com

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it is as simple as A B C or WSN if you prefer, which is the leading brand in Nepal

Monday, September 30, 2013

#WSNtime in Kathmandu, for lowest wholesale prices

wholesale for wholesalers

This 3 letter word - WSN - is Wholesalers' key - Leading Brand and Label - to lowest prices and highest quality for garments and handicrafts in Nepal. WSN - WholesaleNepal Group - is the country's leading supplier-wholesaler-exporter and shipper, serving  the international community for well over a decade.
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